Nether Green Infant School

Prevent Strategy


Prevent is a strand of the Government's Counter Terrorism Strategy. The Counter Terrorism and Security Act of 2015 makes the implementation of PREVENT a statutory duty for public bodies, including schools.

The PREVENT strategy aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism by:

  • Challenging extremist ideologies (that might be promoted through e.g. internet, propaganda or extremist speakers)
  • Safeguarding institutions, including schools to address the risk of extremism.

PREVENT seeks to support individuals before they get involved in criminal activity. PREVENT is a safeguarding issue. A child can be at risk of being drawn into a criminal activity and has the potential to cause significant harm. Children are vulnerable to exposure to or involvement with groups or individuals who advocate violence as a means to a political or ideological end.

Safeguarding children from radicalisation is no different from safeguarding them from other forms of harm.

Under the Prevent duty our school ensures that we:

  • we deliver a broad and balanced curriculum
  • work with local partners and understand the local risk
  • implement robust safeguarding policies, addressing relevant issues such as referral pathways and visiting speaker guidelines, ensuring that Prevent is appropriately referenced in school policies which parents can access via this website or from the school office
  • link with the Sheffield Safeguarding Advisory Service
  • train staff to recognise vulnerability and escalate concerns
  • address on line safety of pupils


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