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At Nether Green Infant School we all have a statutory duty to "safeguard and promote the welfare of children".

If anyone in school has concerns about the health and safety of a child in school or feel that something may be troubling them, they are asked to share the information with an appropriate member of staff straight away.

Some issues e.g. a child's appearance, hygiene, general behaviour, can be shared with any teacher or member of support staff in this setting. We tell everyone not to worry that they may be reporting small matters - we would rather be told things which turn out to be small than miss a worrying situation.

If anyone thinks a matter is very serious and may be related to a child protection concern, where the child has been harmed or at risk of harm e.g. physical, sexual, emotional abuse or neglect, they must talk to one of the people below immediately. If they are unable to contact one of the members of staff below, the school office staff will find them and ensure they are aware of the urgency of the matter.

The people to talk to at Nether Green Infant School are:

The Designated Safeguarding Lead 

 Mrs Hawkins

Her office is located next to the school office. She can be contacted on 0114 2304094.

The Designated Safeguarding Deputies 

 Mrs Keeling teaches in the Koalas class. She can be contacted on 0114 2304094. 

Mrs Smith teaches in the Lemurs class. She can be contacted on 0114 2304094. 

Mrs Stackhouse is the SENDCo and can be found in the Rainbow Room. She can be contacted on 0114 2304094 


Any allegation or disclosure involving someone who works with children in a paid or voluntary capacity must be reported directly to the Headteacher, unless it involves her and then it should be reported directly to the Chair of the Governing Body, Jonny Clowes

For more information please click here to read our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy 2023 

You can also see a copy of the poster we have on display around our school Safeguarding poster 2023/24

For more information please read these documents: Working Together to Safeguard Children  and Keeping Children Safe in Education 2023

Useful Links

Sheffield Children's Safeguarding Board 


If you would like a paper copy of any of the above documents please ask Mrs Furniss or Mrs Gott in the office.

Stumperlowe Park Road
S10 3QP

0114 2304094