Nether Green Infant School

Accessibility curriculum


All our staff seek to remove all barriers to learning and participation. Teaching is appropriately differentiated to meet individual needs so that the children make good progress.

All children are encouraged to take part in music, drama and physical activities.

When appropriate the staff provide alternative ways of giving access to experience or understanding for children with disabilities who cannot engage in a particular activity, for example some forms of exercise in P.E.

Staff recognise and allow for additional time required by some children with disabilities to use equipment in practical work.

School visits are made accessible for all children irrespective of attainment or disability.

We have two rooms available to children who need a quiet or calming room.

For more information about SEND in our school please see our SEND policy within this website or ask for a paper copy  from the school office.

For more information about equality of opportunity please see the policy within this website or ask for a paper copy from the school office.


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