Nether Green Infant School

School Council

We have a School Council with two representatives from each of our Year 1 and Year 2 classes. The Reception children are also asked to share their ideas and vote.


Our reps are:

Kangaroos - Shayaan and Essie

Turtles-  Jesse and Emily

Lemurs - Sam and Jemima

Elephants -Olivia, Jack and Elsie

Penguins - Dan and Imogen


Our School Council meet regularly and help our teachers to make choices about our school and the things we do in it. 

If our friends have any suggestions, worries or questions we can take these to our meetings to be discussed. 

Our School Council agreed on these rules for their meetings:

  1. Be Kind to everyone.
  2. Talk in a nice voice.
  3. Don't push for chairs.
  4. Show respect by waiting your turn. 
  5. Listen to everyone's ideas. 
  6. Respect everyone's ideas. 

Some of the things our School Councillors have talked about this year are:-


Which charities do we want to support this year?

School council decided they wanted our school to support BBC Children in Need.  Children in school voted and decided they wanted us to have a 'Wear what you Want day'. Some children chose to dress up in their favourite dressing up outfits whilst others opted for their favourite comfy clothes - some even came in pyjamas!


 We talked about what we like about Nether Green Infant School ...

 "It's brilliant in the woodland. We like building dens and we planted seeds." (Imogen)

"You can play fun games with your friends at playtime" (Emily)

"The teachers are very nice - they are not strict!!!" (Dan)

"I like working in English when we find out facts and write about them." (Jemima)

"I like Maths! I like doing calculations and finding out bout number bonds to 100!". 

Should we let another school use of recycling services?

The school council form Sharrow Primary write to say and asked if they could use our recycling boxes to recycle felt tips pens. 

here is the letter our school council sent back after they had discussed it at our meeting. 

Recycling Letter


Stumperlowe Park Road
S10 3QP

0114 2304094