School Council

School Council

We have a School Council with two representatives from each of our Year 1 and Year 2 classes. The Reception children are also asked to share their ideas and vote.


Our reps are:

Kangaroos - Theo and Amelie

Zebras -  Tom and Maddy

Leopards - Anja and Noah

Elephants -Keira and Matias

Tigers -  Leo and Katy


Our School Council meet regularly and help our teachers to make choices about our school and the things we do in it. 

If our friends have any suggestions, worries or questions we can take these to our meetings to be discussed. 

Our School Council agreed on these rules for their meetings:

  1. We will all listen to each other and sit nicely
  2. We will put our hand up when we want to speak
  3. We will make sure everyone gets a turn to speak
  4. We will never speak when others are talking
  5. We will never say that other peoples' ideas are not good


Some of the things our School Councillors have talked about this year are:-


What rules should we have for our new library area?

We have a new library in school. We want everyone to look after it and keep it as a special place so we wrote some Library Golden Rules.


Which charities do we want to support this year?

School council decided they wanted our school to support BBC Children in Need.  Children in school voted and decided they wanted us to wear 'PJs for Pudsey'!


 What makes our school special?

 Click here to see what the School Council said!