Welcome to the Zebras

There are 30 children in our Zebra class. The teachers are Mrs Naylor (Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays) and Mrs Hibberd (alternate Wednesdays and Thursday and Friday). Our teaching assistants are Mrs Dyson and Miss Peskett.


Fortnightly Class Newsletter

Our  class newsletter is emailed to all our parents and carers once a fortnight.  

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Show & Tell

Our Show & Tell sessions are on Thursdays. Here are the dates for Spring 2 2017:

Lions - 6.7.17 

Meerkats - 8.6.17

Rhinos - 15.6.17

Cheetahs - 22.6.17

Elephants - 29.6.17



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Summer 2



In Year 1 our children learn the cursive (smiling in and out) style of handwriting. The link below shows how we form these letters.

Y1 Cursive handwriting


Half termly overview

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Look at what we have done so far this year

18.7.17 Tropical Butterfly House Trip

We had a wonderful school trip today visiting the Tropical Butterfly House. We saw all sorts of wonderful creatures and learnt about their senses and all about Fur, Feathers and Scales. Ask us what we saw. Can you name any of the creatures here? A little clue: there isn't a hedgehog! It is actually called a tenrec and they are very rare. We got to hold some and stroke some others. The children were a credit to the school and were complimented on their behaviour and attention during the talks. A super end to a super year. Well done Zebras!

12.7.17 We have finished our Sensational Salads DT topic by making a fabulous fruit salad. We chopped using the bridge method, carefully keeping our fingers out of the way. A feast was enjoyed by all.


As part of our DT topic on 'Sensational Salads', we followed the recipes to make potato salad, beetroot salad, carrot and sultana salad and crunchy coleslaw. We were very careful using kitchen tools to prepare the root vegetables and the best thing was that we got to taste our salads at the end. 


Well done to all our fantastic athletes who took part in our annual Sports' Day. We saw some great team work and sportsmanship and everybody enjoyed themselves. Thank you also to the parents who managed to come and cheer us on. A special mention for Red Team who were our overall school winners and well done also to Blue and White Teams who were our joint winners in Year 1.


A big thank you to everyone who has sponsored their child to raise funds for our school. Zebras had a lot of fun practising their bouncing skills outside in the sunshine. 


We had the privilege of meeting Lydia Monks a well known author and illustrator when she came to our school to lead an assembly. She demonstrated her fabulous drawing skills and enacted her latest book with our help. In addition to signing her books, she drew all our class animal characters, which are displayed in the hall.


We have enjoyed wearing our Easter bonnets on the last day of this term. Happy Easter everyone!


As it was Red Nose Day today, we wore something red and raised money for Comic Relief. Thank you for all your contributions. 


As part of our topic on Space and Astronauts, we borrowed the inner part of a spacesuit and a helmet from the UK Space Agency. Mr Johnson even tried the spacesuit on! 


We found out what it was like for astronauts to eat food in space. We tried some samples of freeze dried ice-cream before designing a packet for our favourite flavour. We sampled strawberries, cookies and cream, chocolate with choc-chips and mint chocolate ice-cream. Most children preferred the cookies and cream in our class.


As part of our work on Christianity we visited the Beacon Methodist Church today. We enjoyed finding out about all the special objects that are found in the church and what they are used for. First we had to find the objects and record them on our sheet and then Karen from the church explained what makes them special to Christians.

Can you spot the objects in the photographs below?

Altar table      Organ      Communion cups      Cross       Bible      Hymn book        Font     Pulpit    Banner


To celebrate World Book Day we had fun coming to school as a character from a well known book or film. Can you guess our characters ?



Superhero Day

As an end to our topic on Superheroes, Zebras dressed up in their favourite costumes and imagined themselves with superhero powers !



Maths Open Morning

We have all been mathematicians this morning, working at the different activity tables to practise our maths skills, which included place value, ordering random numbers, addition and subtraction, word problems, telling the time to the hour and half past and measuring with a metre stick.

Thank you to all the parents who were able to stay, we hope that you found it useful and enjoyable.


In our DT lessons we have been exploring a range of products for dips and dippers and looking at different food groups. We had lots of fun tasting them then we described the tastes and textures. The most popular dipper in our class was nachos.


Thank you to all who were able to stay for our Open Morning. We put out activities  which linked to our maths lessons on 2D/3D shapes this week and it was lovely to see the children and parents getting involved. Here we are making 2D shapes and 3D models from polydron sets, straws and geo boards, finding shapes in our school environment and colouring and making shape pictures.


We had some very special visitors in school today: 'Meet a Creature' came in with some very exciting guests. We held a Chilli Rose Tarantula, a Little Crested Gecko, Bearded Dragons, an African Land Snail, a Stuarts Milk Snake and more!

Some of us were more keen than others to meet the creatures but we were all brave and had a go. Come and see more photos and our writing about the visit in our classroom soon.


In RE this half term we are learning about belonging to different groups such as families, clubs and religions. We will be having a Show and Tell session on this topic next Thursday/Friday. If your child would like to talk about his or her religion and what it means for them and their families, then we would love to hear what they have to say. They are also welcome to bring any items/photos to show. Thank you.