School Council

We have a School Council with 2 reps from each of our Year 1 and Year 2 classes.


Our reps are:

Kangaroos - Charlotte and Isaac

Zebras -  Jim and Freya

Leopards - Tom and Amaiyah

Pandas - Sam and Sophia

Tigers -  Monty and Emily


Our School Council meet regularly and help our teachers to make choices about our school and the things we do in it. 

If our friends have any suggestions, worries or questions we can take these to our meetings to be discussed. 

Our School Council agreed on these rules for their meetings:

  1. We will all listen to each other and sit nicely
  2. We will put our hand up when we want to speak
  3. We will make sure everyone gets a turn to speak
  4. We will never speak when others are talking
  5. We will never say that other peoples' ideas are not good


Some of the things our School Councillors have talked about this year are:-


How can we make lunchtimes more fun?

We discussed what kind of games and activities we would like our new lunchtime play leaders to organise for us during lunchtimes. 


Which charities do we want to support this year?

School council decided they wanted our school to support BBC Children in Need.  Children in school voted and decided they wanted us to wear 'PJs for Pudsey'! We raised nearly £250!


What fun event would you like the PTA to organise for summer 2018?

Our school has chances for us to vote as part of a democracy. Recently this has included voting for what we want our end of year 'fun event' to be that the PTA organise.  The favourites were Disco and Picnic. Mrs Hawkins took this information to the PTA so they could organise the fun event next summer. 



What makes Nether Green Infant School Special? (ideas to share with new children)

 The school council shared their ideas with parents visiting school for our open day events this autumn. 




Previously our School Council have helped with many projects including...


  • They talked about the toilets. They said they were too smelly and one of the taps was loose. They met with Mr Johnson our Buildings Officer and now we have automatic air freshener sprays in the toilets and the tap isn't loose.
  • They wanted children to wash their hands more often so they talked to all the children in assembly and made posters for the toilet areas. The children listened.
  • They wanted the children to line up carefully for their dinner, particularly around the climbing frame so they made a banner which made such a difference - much better.
  • They thought that it wasn't safe for the children to practice gymnastics on the astroturf so they told the children in assembly not to do it - they listened and now they don't do gym on the astroturf or anywhere in the playground.
  • The councillors keep checking the toilets and the playground and they gave out reward stickers in the hall at dinner time.
  • In April the councillors helped the PTA decide on which equipment they wanted in the playground. They wanted a slide but we don't have the room. In the end they made some good choices and we are thrilled with our new playtrail.